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I'm JJ Casas, a San Francisco-based portrait & commercial photographer who wants to teach you photography.

I've been a photographer for over a decade and let's just say I've learned a lot throughout the years starting with my mom's 1970's Pentax K1000 film camera and then to my first digital camera – a Nikon 2-megapixel camera in 2003. Since then, I've always upgraded to the latest cameras with all its bell and whistles but one thing that will never change is the fundamentals of photography.

especially if you're a:

  • blogger/social media producer
  • business owner
  • traveler
  • Mom or Dad


  • Fill your blog or site with your own photography (like your next great recipe or gourmet donut that you just bought and want to share on Instagram – I'm not judging)
  • Taking photos of your own product
  • Capturing great scenery at your next trip
  • Taking photos of your kids growing up

These are real life examples where you do want great photography and learning how to take photos properly can be an extremely valuable asset to your business and/or personal life.

Great photography can easily be recognized. Maybe it's the overall color, the perfect timing on capturing the moment, or the composition that you know was made deliberately. Either way, we occasionally see something and we say to ourselves "Wow! Beautiful shot!" or "That looks amazing." 

But I know, you're probably thinking...

Learning the fundamentals of photography is important

because you want to take great photos.

All photographs by JJ Casas

I need to spend $$-$$$ for a great camera to take great pictures.

The best part of photography today? You probably already have a great camera which is either in your pocket or what you're holding to read this – your phone! People are making amazing images on the same device they're using to text and check their email and the best part is no matter what, you'll have a camera on you so long as you have your phone on you. 

If you already have a camera and despite its bells and whistles you're not happy with the results, then it's definitely time to revaluate how you're taking photos. And if you're itching to buy the latest and most expensive camera you can afford now, remember that no matter how expensive the camera and lens combination is, the images don't magically get better.

To compare it to a painter and her brushes: just because she has the same brush set as Picasso doesn't mean she'll paint at his level.


I need to be a professional to want to learn photography.

Learning how to take a great image definitely doesn't mean you have to aspire to be a professional. It simply just requires you to want to take a great picture of whatever subject or place you're in.

While photography can definitely be an extensive field (as with anything), my goal is to cover the basic techniques that anyone can start implementing instantly to improve their photography.

Photography is hard.

Learning the fundamentals of photography is not hard. These fundamentals are the techniques you can learn easily and start using the next time you grab your camera and take a photo.

As a professional photographer, I can certainly agree that there are aspects of photography that can be hard like managing prospects and clientele, producing call sheets, and book keeping. But see, this and more are beyond the actual practice of taking a great photo.

We all already know that taking a photo is literally easy – just point the camera and shoot. But I'm here to teach anyone how to take better photos.

So, why are you teaching? And are you really a doctor, Dr. Camera?

Why are you teaching?

I love photography and I also love all the latest gear. Photography is my full-time job and I consume photography news every day. And naturally, all my friends and family always either come to me for photography-related advice or rely on me to take the group photo in gatherings. And if I had a quarter for every time someone asked me "What camera should I get?".....

But really, photography is my passion and while it is true that everyone has a camera now, I realized many don't know how to take a proper photo because they simply weren't taught. I'm here to teach those people who want to learn how to take a great photo.

Are you really a doctor?

Nope. But I chose the name Dr. Camera because I joked with a friend who recently asked "What camera should I get?" that I felt like a doctor prescribing him the right solution. I had to ask many questions to try and figure out what was most important to him to figure out what would be the best camera for his needs. And then it hit me: I realized that there are others who are just like my friend who have photography-related questions and I booked this domain immediately. :)

And fun fact: my maiden's name is Camara. It's close enough to Camera, right?!

How will I learn?

I believe email is still the best way to reach people directly and effectively today which is why these tips will be sent to your inbox. Plus, if you ever wanted to reply to the email with a follow up question, you can do so and I'll be able to reply directly to you.

So... what camera should I buy?

Oh, you just had to ask :) Just reply to my first email sent to you and tell me more on your budget (what you would spend up to) and what you like to shoot. I'll gladly do some research for you and send you my top 2-3 recommendations for what camera to get. And yes, for free!

and other FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

All photographs by JJ Casas

Are you ready to start 

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Learn how to prevent taking bad photos. Forever.

You'll never receive SPAM as no one ever likes it.  

You'll only receive tips on how to improve your photos instantly.